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Fic: Graduation Day

Title: Graduation Day
Summary: Scorpius is faced with a decision.
Word Count: ~1900
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, probably.
Prompts: Person: Draco Malfoy; Place: A train station; Object One: Forget-me-not (flower); Object Two: A letter; Food: Cake; Emotion: Hope; Song Two: Graduation – Vitamin C; Quote: "Parting is such sweet sorrow." Romeo and Juliet; Freeform: The future
Disclaimer: Not mine.
AN: I wanted to make sure I wrote something for every set of prompts, so here's a little something. If there are parts that aren't that great I apologize—I've literally been up all night with my youngest two and am extremely tired.

Graduation DayCollapse )

Following They Forefather

Title: Following Thy Forefather
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Albus Severus/Scorpius
Summary: Old prejudices die hard. When he confronted his son, Scorpius merely leveled his grey eyes on his father. The coldness in his voice contrasted against the flare of anger surrounding his mind. “Maybe you should pick them up some day – you could learn a lesson or two. Especially from that one.”
Word Count: 4519
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angsty.
Prompts: Person: Draco Malfoy, Place: a train station; Object one: Forget-Me-Not; Object two: a letter, Emotion: hope; Song one: Goodbye To You (the one thing that I tried to hold onto); Song two: Graduation (i didn't know much about love); Quote: "Parting is such sweet sorrow" ~ Romeo and Juliet
Disclaimer: Not mine.
AN: I'm worried a little about this one. This is my first time writing Draco ever, and playing him as an adult proved much harder to write than I thought it would. I took some liberties with Occlumency in being able to discern emotions before thought. Concrit would actually be much appreciated.

( Draco chuckled in amusement. Gossip headliners were so unsophisticated )


Hello everyone! I want to thank you for an AMAZING CARNIVAL! Huge thanks go out to brixisxonfire and love_stoned0_0 for doing all the hard work, and to ALL the amazing people who participated! Here are your last prompts. Wrap-up and all that fun stuff to come soon. :D

See You Next Year!Collapse )
Title: Glitches and Snitches
Author: softly_sweetly
Beta: Unbetad, due to my general lateness with this
Characters/Pairing: Albus Severus/Scorpius, cameos from any and all
Length: ~1,500
Rating: PG13 for now
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are the property of J.K. Rowling. I make no money from this piece of fanfiction.
Warnings: A little swearing, UST
Summary: Al has a glittering Quidditch career – and halfway decent grades, hopefully – heading his way. If only Scorpius would stop crossing his path...
Author Notes: Counts to prompt #12 Scream from my 100quills Next Generation Table

Written for Week Ten of the ass_carnival, using all the prompts.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

Glitches and Snitches Chapter Ten

Fic: Lightning Fireworks

Title: Lightning Fireworks
Summary: Fred Weasley was not a ghost.
Word Count: 1750
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crackish
Prompts: Person: Fred Weasley; Place: Charms classroom; Object One: fireworks; Object Two: Lightning; Food: pop rocks; Emotion: Anger; Quote: Han Solo, Star Wars; Freeform: Wizarding Duel
Disclaimer: Not mine.
AN: I have had so much fun writing for this 'carnival'! I've read some incredible fics and written a larger variety of genres and characterizations than I ever have before. I'm looking forward to next year already. :) For this fic: When I first read the prompts I automatically thought of Fred I. When I actually started writing, I remembered Fred II. So you get both. :D

Lightning FireworksCollapse )

The Summer Al Tried to Live: Final Chapter

I really enjoyed participating. Thanks to everyone who gave this story a chance.

Author: asnowyowl
Title: The Summer Al Began Tried to Live: Chapter 10
Pairing: Albus Severus/Scorpius
Summary: In the summer before college, Al Potter finally begins living, but can he find the courage to show his family who he really is? In this chapter: Decisions are made
Warnings: none really
Rating: This chapter: PG13 for language
Beta: bk7brokemybrain. Thanks so much for all your work on this!
Word Count: 4105
Notes: Written for week ten of the 2009 ass_carnival. And with this, it's done!
Prompts used: Person: Fred Weasley, Object: fireworks, Object: Lightning, Emotion: Anger

Previous chapters:
"Chapter 1"
"Chapter 2"
"Chapter 3"
"Chapter 4"
"Chapter 5"
"Chapter 6"
"Chapter 7"
"Chapter 8"
"Chapter 9"

The Summer Chapter 10Collapse )

Title: The Summer Trials Part IX

Author: phys_nut

Beta: the faboo dwarfandelf - cheers for the help hun!

Prompts: All of them!

Summary: To stave off a summer of bordom after their NEWTs, Albus and Scorpius signed up for the Fairytale Trials. Now Scorpius is under an enchanted sleep, and Albus is riding about on his "noble steed," to find him and save the day.

Pairings: AS/S

Warnings: in this chapter: slight description of sexual encounter, cursing, boys kissing

Rating: er, not too sure if it needs to be this high, but i think it's more than PG-13 in this chapter, so R!

Disclaimer: none of this is mine, it all belongs to the fabulous JK and her minions

Previous Parts: Part I  Part II Part III Part IV Part V(a) Part V(b) Part VI Part VII(a) Part VII(b) Part VIII Part IX

Part X: End Of The Line...


Beautiful Thing: Chapter Ten

Story; Beautiful Thing
Chapter Ten: To The End
Author: mayberry_rose
Characters: Albus Severus/Scorpius, Remus/Sirius (yes, they both still get to be alive)
Prompts used: All of them :)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2500
Summary: And to the end of the story, and all the new beginnings.
Warnings: Boy-love, boys kissing, boys cuddling... You get the picture ;)
Notes: And so... This story comes to an end. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, and the encouragement that made it a pleasure to write :D  

Read more...Collapse )

Fic: Anything

Title: Anything
Summary: Albus will do whatever it takes to protect Scorpius.
Word Count: 3219
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Non-Magic AU
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, background character death.
Prompts: Person: Remus Lupin; Place: A Zoo; Object one: Leash/Collar; Object two: Saddle; Food: Animal Crackers; Emotion: Predatory; Quote: Samuel Butler
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
AN: *hides behind big rock* I am extremely nervous about this. I honestly have no idea where it came from, since I started out wanting it to be a light piece of porn. *bites nails* It's just a tiny bit dark. Apologies in advance. Please don't flame me. (Before you hit the back button, know that both boys are alive and very much in love.)

AnythingCollapse )

Beautiful Thing: Chapter Nine

Story: Beautiful Thing
Chapter Nine: Make It There
Characters: Albus Severus/Scorpius, Remus/Sirius (if Remus gets to be alive, Sirius does too ;D)
Word Count: ~2100
Rating: PG-13ish
Prompts used: All of them :)
Warnings: Pretty boys kissing :D
Summary: A tale of bushmen, and lasting love, and working it out at last.
Notes: At last! Also, yes; the Bushman does exist :)

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